Bicycling Performance Improvement

One of the best ways for a bicyclist to improve and to measure the performance improvement is to ride "time trials" over various routes.  For each route, the rider would ride exactly the same course each time, always trying to go faster and finish the route in less time than before.  As your fitness and riding ability improve, you can improve your "personal best" time over each course.  In this type of training, you are always competing with yourself, so you can apply this method no matter what level of fitness you have.  It's all about improving.

Our patented technology allows a bicycle computer to retain in memory all the performance details of a ride, for practically every moment along the route.  That data can be saved indefinitely, and such data can be saved for many different routes.  Whenever you go back to try to improve your performance on a route you have saved before, the computer can compare your present performance against the saved performance all along the route, while you are riding.  Hence, at every moment, the computer can tell you exactly how much faster or slower you are now compared to your prior saved ride, at the same point along the route.