Automotive Racing - Time Trials

One popular form of amateur automotive racing consists of Time Trials on a race course, sometimes done in what is called "Club Racing".  In this form of racing, the idea is to achieve the best possible lap time over the course.  Although there may be more than one car on the track at a time, they are staggered so each driver is just racing against the clock, not "wheel to wheel" against nearby cars.

Our technology can provide extremely valuable assistance to the driver in such time trials, by saving all the details of time, speed, and distance moment by moment during each lap, and then letting the driver compete against his own best lap to try to improve.  The computer would compare the time, speed, and distance at each moment on the current lap, dynamically during the lap, against that prior saved lap.  Hence, the computer display can then show the driver exactly how much faster or slower his present performance is, at each moment during the current lap, thereby providing the guidance he needs to improve.